In addition to our children’s activity area, which features arts and crafts, kid’s can try their hand at a mini Highland Games.

Welly Throw

Person stands at starting line and holds welly with both hands. Holding welly in-between legs, throw it as far as you can without stepping over the line. The one who throws the welly the furthest wins.

Option 1: Toss welly into a bucket, ring, or tire
Option 2: Stand with back to line and toss over your head

Sheaf Toss

Using a pitchfork toss a sheaf of hay over a horizontal bar. If successful the bar will be raised in increments.

Option: Toss sheaf of hay out a distance. Distance will be measured.

Caber Toss

Person will hold Caber upright in vertical position. They will take two steps to line and throw the Caber so it flips over and lands in a straight line.